People are always looking to connect with like minded individuals.
People are always looking to connect with like minded individuals.


Your profile, posts and content is how the world sees you - with your passions, purpose and genius on display you’ll find the right people to connect with, in the right place, at the right time.

People are always looking to connect with like minded individuals.

When you show people who you really are in your marketing, you connect with your audience easily.

This then makes it easy for people to trust you and know what you stand for.


We have just come out of, one of the hardest times in history.

The pandemic caught everyone with their pants down. People looked up to businesses that thrived during this period.

These are the businesses I believe people will be buying from when the dust settles.

While everything was all over the place, this should have been a great time to really put your message out there.


Your genius and why people should work with you is what will keep you in business.

This period showed us that intelligent people are flexible and able to thrive in different settings.

As Donna F Hammett writes, intelligent people adapt by "showing what can be done regardless of the complications or restrictions placed upon them."

Recent psychological research supports this idea.

Intelligence depends on being able to change your own behaviors in order to cope more effectively with your environment, or make changes to the environment you're in.

Now that’s genius and if you can show that you are in it for the long run, your customers will definitely do their best to support you.


As a marketer, it’s a good idea to schedule your social media content ahead of time so that you don’t have to worry about it as part of your day to day tasks.

This gives you time to really explore the themes you would like to explore and to see if it all makes sense.

Now that we’ve covered how and why you should put your genius on display, let’s get you started with your own content creation ideas.


While not every single one of these ideas will work for every business or industry, you should find enough inspiration to jumpstart your creativity.


1. Ask questions


Asking questions of your audience is a great way to garner engagement from your followers. It can be something relevant to your brand, or just something to get the conversation started. This creates context and content for others that are following this post.

Not only will you have other people’s ideas too when they answer your questions, but you will have other people help you create value on your behalf.

How clever is that?

Although you have to be smart about this.

Don’t be an “ask hole”- someone who just asks questions for the sake of it.

You have to engage too...


2.Brand announcements


Do you have exciting news to announce? An upcoming launch or new features that your audience is waiting for?

How about a big testimonial or endorsements to share?

This is absolutely content you want to share with your followers.

People are always interested in new things.

This shows progress of your brand and innovation.

Show people that you are in it for the long haul, not just a one trick pinky or a “1 click wonder”.


3.  Tips


People come to the internet to get information.

Your online presence is all about informing and educating your audience, whether it’s about your industry or about your products, so sharing tips in your marketing is a great place to start.

When people get this information from your marketing, they get to know, like and trust you.

And we all know, people do business with those they know, like and trust.


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