What content does your audience demand from your brand?


People come to the Internet to get information.


If they are getting this info from you, that helps them make informed decisions, they get to know, like and trust your brand.


And people do business with those they know, like and trust.


It’s funny how as marketers we often conform to certain ways of working because we see others doing that same thing.


And while there are definitely best practices in marketing, there’s so much scope for interpretation, expansion and adaptation that goes unexploited.


Our consumers demand quality content.


We give them mediocre attempts of gaining their attention.


Now, attention is a scarce commodity.


We have to really be providing value ‘when’ the customer needs it.


As businesses I find that, we’re focusing so hard on questions about media consumption habits, our website journey, optimising conversion rates and burnishing our brand’s reputation, but forgetting that none of that matters.


The only thing that matters to consumers is getting what they demand when they are ready and, frankly, we don’t do the research to figure out what that is.


Ironically, the audience is telling us what they demand.


Have you looked at the trends of what people are actually searching online?


Have you participated in groups and forums and seen the type of questions your ideal clients are asking?


When you can anticipate a customer’s need, they will assume you have the solution.


They’re demanding content that’s more than just educational, useful, rewarding or helpful and, when they find it, they’re rewarding it in spades.


And while consumers demand and reward quality, all we do is give them mediocre content.


The only way to change that is to change the way we research and understand that demand for our brand.


The first thing to note is that we are not feeding consumers something they don’t want.


In fact, 90 percent of them want content from brands.


That’s right, they want it.


Unfortunately, consumers also rate 58 percent of that content from brands as ‘not meaningful’ or, in other words, almost six out of ten people think the stuff we make for them is crap.


The result is that people wouldn’t care if 77 percent of brands disappeared.


The Havas study concludes that great content is the way to establish this meaningfulness that’s missing for consumers.


In my opinion, that doesn’t go far enough; marketers have a way of misinterpreting the idea of ‘great content’ into a super fancy, high-production value TVC or an innovative influencer campaign on social media.


We don’t need more of that kind of content, so we must reframe the question around what the audience is demanding.


What content does the audience demand from your brand?’ is the question that should be leading research and strategy for any marketing activity.


We’re so accustomed to delivering our brand’s message, improving our brand’s reputation, driving more conversions that we’ve overwhelmed our audience with content that no one is looking for or craving.


Remember, 90 percent of consumers want content from brands, they just don’t want the half backed stuff.


There’s an explicit demand for quality, meaningful content and, if we want our content to succeed in this new era of marketing, the only way is to unlock that demand and deliver on it.


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