Believe it or not, working in digital marketing has recently become one of the most challenging jobs.


Not only do us marketers now need to have a creative and analytical mind but also we have to always be up-to-date with the constantly changing digital marketing landscape.


If you run a business, you too, have a hard nut to crack as well.


Getting across to today’s customers is a complex process that requires adjusting your marketing efforts to match the growing trends.


But don’t worry! I am here to help!


In the last couple of months, we have had to relearn how to live, learn and Contribute.


It’s now all about organic 1-2-1 marketing as opposed to the traditional one-to-many.


So hopefully I have brought you to start wondering what exactly would the future of marketing look like?


Sit comfortably and continue reading!


Forget the now outdated, 4Ps, welcome the new and improved, 4Es


My head is going to be eaten by traditionalists for saying this.


It is not something you want to hear if you have spent years on learning the old marketing theories which used to help you build a value proposition strategy.


Safe to say, these, strategies are not valid anymore.


The legendary and famous, quartet comprising of: 

  1. Product, 
  2. Price, 
  3. Place, 
  4. Promotion from the Marketing Mix are no longer effective and you should deal with it.


The digital landscape is evolving in an extremely fast pace and if you don’t follow you will just lose.


OK, so what do we have instead of the 4Ps now?


Welcome the 4Es – the new approach to customer value proposition, which embodies 

  • Engagement, 
  • Experience, 
  • Exclusivity and 
  • Emotion.


Let’s face the truth:


People don’t buy products anymore.


They buy experiences and emotions instead.


You should change your “what should I sell” or “how should I sell” into “WHY should I sell it?”.


Emotional branding is what makes a business stand out.


The most successful brands don’t just offer material products or services, but real experiences and emotions.


Disneyland or Coca-cola sell happiness, Adidas or Nike give you the courage to follow your dreams and ‘just do it’, L’Oréal sells beauty and Apple sells a challenge to the status quo.


That’s why people buy from them.


Thus, forget about communication that starts with “what do I want to sell?”.


Morden customers don’t care about what you want.


They need something or someone that would give them an added value.


To safeguard your brand for the future you will have to build intimate one-to-one relationships.


The one-to-many marketing model used to work very well in the past, not anymore.


The process was easy.


Marketers did an in-depth research about their target audience, defining a persona and its basic characteristics.


Then they developed a communication style and messages to send to the target group.


Conversion rates maybe were not impressive, but the model worked.


With the growth of digital media, this model has slightly evolved.


We now market to 1 smartphone and one mindset at a time, not 1 TV shared amongst 5 family members.


The Internet and smart phones lets us gather basic information about users and marketers can now target their message to narrow groups of people with similar interests, demographics and habits.


It is a more accurate way to reach out to consumers, however not as effective as it used to be a few years ago.


Social Media revolutionised marketing communication.


Nowadays, smart phones let us collect detailed information about consumer behavior, their preferences and interests.


You can leverage it to create personalised marketing messages to individuals.


Do you know why most brands do not resonate with the target groups they try to reach?


Because they fail at building deep and firm relationships with them.


They reach them only on the superficial level of which you cannot really engage a person.


Your customers are emotional and love experiences.


If you want to convey your message and win your audience you need to touch their hearts.


This is how the digital marketing landscape looks like right now and probably in the next few years to come.


Right now, don’t get attached to the old ways and take all these new trends for granted.


The marketing of tomorrow is totally different than we can imagine right now.


What do you think are some of the future trends in digital marketing?


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