Your goal a business owner is to attract clients that pay, stay and refer.
Your goal a business owner is to attract clients that pay, stay and refer.


If you’ve been in business for a while, you know that not all clients are created equal.

Some clients are simply amazing, and others are just plain difficult.

Your goal a business owner is to attract clients that pay, stay and refer.

These are what I think are ideal clients.

People that keep you in business.

Unfortunately, you can’t separate the wheat from the chaff at first glance, but you can get a good sense of what they’re all about after a few conversations.

Your prospect just might be a dream client if they’re responsive, coachable and respectful.


Responsive: How quickly do they return your phone calls, texts, or emails?

Obviously, you can’t expect them to drop everything to get back to you at a moment’s notice, but if they perform a Houdini-style disappearing act in the initial phase of your professional relationship, it should give you pause.

On the other hand, if they return your calls consistently in the beginning, you can probably count on them to jump when there’s an offer on the table.


Open and eager to learn: Your buyers may have no idea what they want in your products or services. These prospects may have no idea how you deliver your service or help their business, but they’re worth the effort if they’re eager to learn.

You can assess their willingness to learn by how well they listen.

Do they pay attention when you talk?

Do they ask follow-up questions?

The very best clients try to learn everything they can about the buying or selling process.

And while they may not always agree with your professional advice, they’ll keep an open mind when you offer an opinion.


Respectful: Do they treat you like the professional you are?

People communicate in different ways, and everyone gets irritable from time to time when they’re under pressure.

That said, if they’re disrespectful in the beginning, then you might have to do some serious soul searching before working with them.

After all, emotions intensify when a deal is on the table.


Despite careful assessments, you may end up taking on some clients who are less than ideal.

In fact, sometimes it’s a matter of financial necessity, and that’s understandable.

You know your situation better than anyone else, and only you can assess your tolerance for people’s quirks.

That said, if you grow your sphere of influence and spend your marketing budget wisely, you’ll eventually have a larger pool of prospects to choose from… and you can cherry-pick the very best.

Of course, the optimal way to attract amazing clients is by being an amazing business person.


After all, great entrepreneurs also have the qualities listed above.

Be the best business owner you can be, trust your intuition, and when you find a phenomenal client, ask for referrals—because A+ clients usually have A+ friends.


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